VPS with Open Port 25In my email server tutorials, I always use VPS with open port 25 so that I can send emails.

In this article, I will share six reputable VPS providers (which I’ve tested and or contacted their support) known for their open port 25 capabilities and are the best VPS for email servers:

Understanding Ports 25, 587, and 465

Ports 25, 587, and 465 are essential components of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols. These ports play crucial roles in the transmission and security of email communications:

  1. Port 25: Standard SMTP port for email transmission.
  2. Port 587: Submission port for email clients to send messages securely.
  3. Port 465: Deprecated SSL/TLS port for SMTP over SSL.

Now, let’s explore the features of the VPS providers with open port 25. Not sure your VPS has open port 25? Check it using this tool.

Note: Servers will automatically open their port 25 once an application (e.g. mailcow) that requires open port 25 is installed.

Best VPS with Open Port 25

My top 6 best VPS for email servers! Note that these providers may change their email policy without notification.

1. RackNerd (Unlimited Outbound Email)

Racknerd KVM VPS

RackNerd stands out with its robust VPS solutions. With open port 25, it enables seamless email communication, ensuring that your messages reach your audience effortlessly. With this hosting provider, I’ve built Mail-in-a-Box and mailcow email servers to send and receive emails to name a few.

The company boasts high-performance infrastructure, SSD-powered storage, and DDoS protection, ensuring a secure and reliable email marketing environment. Their user-friendly control panel simplifies server management, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced users.

Get a 4.5GB KVM VPS for only $52.49/Year!


  • Full root access.
  • Multiple data center locations for enhanced global reach.
  • SSD storage for improved performance.
  • DDoS protection to safeguard against potential threats.
  • Root access for greater control over server configurations.
  • Open 25, 587 ports

Resource Flexibility: RackNerd provides VPS plans with customizable resources, allowing users to tailor their server specifications to meet specific needs.

Multiple Operating Systems: Users can choose from various operating systems, including popular Linux distributions and Windows, providing flexibility for different applications and software.

SolusVM: RackNerd offers a user-friendly control panel, making it easy for customers to manage their VPS. This is particularly beneficial for those who may not have advanced technical knowledge. (I hope they’ll upgrade it to SolusVM 2).

Network Uptime Guarantee: RackNerd is known for its commitment to uptime, backed by a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures high availability.

RackNerd VPS Plans

512 MB RAM 1 vCore 15 GB RAID-10 SSD 500 GB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $22.99 /year
1 GB RAM 2 vCore 50 GB RAID-10 SSD 1 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $17.99 /month
2 GB RAM 3 vCore 75 GB RAID-10 SSD 2 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $20.59 /month
4 GB RAM 4 vCore 130 GB RAID-10 SSD 3 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $24.59 /month
6 GB RAM 5 vCore 170 GB RAID-10 SSD 4 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $27.59 /month
8 GB RAM 6 vCore 220 GB RAID-10 SSD 5 TB @ 1Gbps 2 Free IPs $36.59 /month
12 GB RAM 7 vCore 300 GB RAID-10 SSD 6 TB @ 1Gbps 2 Free IPs $55.99 /month

2. Hostinger (5 Outbound Emails per Minute)

Hostinger VPS

Hostinger’s VPS services with open port 25 provide a reliable foundation for your email marketing endeavors. The hosting giant offers a feature-rich environment with dedicated resources, including a custom control panel for easy management.

Hostinger’s VPS plans come with SSD storage, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a global content delivery network (CDN) for improved performance. With their scalable solutions, you can adapt your resources to match the evolving needs of your email campaigns.


  • Full root access.
  • Custom control panel for easy management.
  • SSD storage for faster data retrieval.
  • Dedicated IP addresses for enhanced security.
  • Seamless scalability to accommodate growing business needs.
  • Open 25, 587 ports

Additional Features

Website Builder: Hostinger includes a website builder with its hosting plans, making it convenient for users to create and launch their websites without extensive coding knowledge.

Global Server Presence: Hostinger has servers strategically located worldwide, allowing users to choose server locations close to their target audience for improved website loading speeds.

Free SSL Certificate: Hostinger provides a free SSL certificate, enhancing the security of websites and ensuring encrypted data transmission between the server and users.

WordPress Optimized Hosting: Hostinger offers hosting optimized for WordPress, including one-click WordPress installations and specialized support for WordPress-related issues.

Hostinger VPS Plans

Hostinger VPS Plans3. Hostwinds (Unlimited Outbound Emails)

Hostwinds VPS

Hostwinds’ VPS hosting, complete with open port 25, is designed for optimal email delivery. The provider focuses on flexibility, offering customizable VPS plans to suit your specific requirements.

I’ve talk to their support and they don’t block any ports including 25 and 587. I’ve also setup mail servers for my clients using this VPS provider flawlessly.

Hostwinds ensures a reliable hosting experience with features such as SSD storage, automatic backups, and a choice of operating systems. The user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support make Hostwinds an attractive option for businesses looking for a dependable VPS solution for their email marketing initiatives.

Here’s what you can expect from their VPS solutions:


  • The choice between managed and unmanaged VPS.
  • Instant scalability for dynamic workloads.
  • Free website migrations for seamless transitions.
  • Multiple server locations for optimized performance.
  • Open 25, 587 ports.
  • Full root access.

Additional Features

Free Website Migrations: Hostwinds offers free website migrations, simplifying the process for users transitioning from another hosting provider.

Solid-State Drives (SSD): Hostwinds utilizes SSD storage, which is faster and more reliable than traditional HDD storage, resulting in quicker data access and improved overall performance.

Nightly Backups: Hostwinds automatically performs nightly backups of user data, providing an additional layer of protection against data loss.

Customizable Firewall Settings: Users can customize firewall settings to enhance the security of their VPS and protect against potential threats.

Hostwinds Unmanaged VPS Plans

Hostwinds VPS Plans

4. Contabo (25 Outbound Emails per Minute)

Contabo VPS S

Contabo’s VPS offerings with open port 25 provide a cost-effective yet powerful solution for email marketers. Using this VPS, I’ve successfully setup mail servers in aaPanel and FastPanel.

The German-based hosting provider emphasizes performance with high-speed SSDs and robust hardware.

Contabo’s VPS plans include unlimited traffic, making it an ideal choice for cold email campaigns with varying audience sizes. This provider also offers a user-friendly control panel, ensuring a seamless experience for users with different levels of technical expertise.

Explore the features of Contabo VPS offerings:


  • Powerful hardware for optimal performance.
  • Unlimited traffic for data-intensive applications.
  • Wide selection of operating systems.
  • Affordable pricing with no setup fees.

Additional Features

Dedicated CPU and RAM: Contabo’s VPS plans come with dedicated CPU and RAM resources, ensuring consistent and reliable performance even during peak usage.

IPv6 Support: Contabo supports IPv6, enabling users to leverage the latest Internet Protocol for improved connectivity and addressing.

Full Root Access: Contabo provides full root access, allowing users to have complete control over their server configurations and installations.

One-Click Application Installation: Contabo offers one-click installations for popular applications and software, streamlining the process of setting up and managing websites.


Contabo New VPS

5. AlexHost (Unlimited Outbound Emails)

AlexHost VPS Open Port 25

AlexHost stands out for its Moldova-based VPS solutions featuring open port 25. The inclusion of ECC RAM and NVMe storage adds a layer of performance and reliability.

Netherlands, Sweden, and Bulgaria do not have an open port 25. Only choose the Moldova location in order for you to have an open port 25 VPS.


  • Moldova-based VPS with open port 25
  • ECC RAM for enhanced reliability
  • NVMe storage for high-speed data access
  • Competitive pricing at €60 per year
  • 24/7 customer support

Moldova-Based VPS

AlexHost’s VPS is strategically located in Moldova, offering a geographically diverse option for users looking for servers in this region. The location can be crucial for businesses targeting audiences in Eastern Europe. They also have Netherlands and Sweden locations aside from Moldova.

Open Port 25

The VPS comes with an open port 25, facilitating seamless email communication. This is vital for email marketers who rely on SMTP for sending emails, ensuring a smooth and reliable delivery process.

ECC RAM (Error-Correcting Code RAM)

ECC RAM is known for its error detection and correction capabilities. This feature enhances the stability and reliability of the VPS by identifying and fixing memory errors, reducing the risk of data corruption. AlexHost has ECC RAM for all its VPS plans.

NVMe Storage

The inclusion of NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) storage brings a significant boost to data access speeds. NVMe drives outperform traditional HDDs and even SATA SSDs, resulting in faster read and write operations, which is critical for applications with high I/O demands.

Competitive Pricing

AlexHost offers its Moldova VPS at a competitive price of €60 per year. This affordability can be appealing to users seeking a cost-effective solution without compromising on essential features.

AlexHost VPS Pricing

6. KnownHost (60 Outbound Emails per Minute)


KnownHost’s VPS solutions with open port 25 come with a focus on reliability and performance. With a reputation for excellent customer service, KnownHost ensures that your email marketing endeavors run smoothly.

Their VPS plans include premium hardware, SSD storage, and a choice of data center locations. KnownHost also provides free backups and a high level of security, offering peace of mind for businesses relying on email campaigns as a key communication channel.

KnownHost is great if you have thousands of subscribers! They don’t allow cold email marketing for their VPSs. Note that you need to contact their support to open port 25 for your server.


  • Fully managed and unmanaged VPS with 24/7 support.
  • cPanel addon for easy server management.
  • Free backups for added data protection.
  • High-quality hardware for optimal performance.
  • Full root access.
  • Open 25, 587 ports.

Premium Network Speed: KnownHost emphasizes high network speed, ensuring that websites hosted on their servers load quickly and provide a seamless user experience.

cPanel Control Panel: Knownhost offers the widely used cPanel control panel, known for its intuitive interface and comprehensive set of features for managing websites and servers.


Knownhost VPS Plans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is an open port 25 important for email marketing on a VPS?

Port 25 is crucial for outbound email traffic. It allows your VPS to send emails to external servers, ensuring the successful delivery of your email campaigns.

What is the significance of inbound and outbound email in email marketing?

Inbound email refers to messages your server receives, while outbound email pertains to messages sent from your server. In email marketing, both are crucial for effective communication with your audience.

Are there any limitations when using VPS with open port 25?

Some hosting providers may restrict the number of outgoing emails to prevent spam. It’s essential to check the terms of service of your chosen provider.

Can I use any VPS provider for email marketing?

While many VPS providers allow email marketing, it’s essential to check their policies and ensure compliance with anti-spam regulations.

Do these VPS providers offer additional security measures for email campaigns?

Yes, many of these providers offer DDoS protection, firewalls, and other security features to safeguard your email campaigns and ensure reliable delivery.

What security measures should I take when using a VPS for email marketing?

Implementing SSL/TLS encryption, regularly updating software, and using strong authentication methods are essential for securing your email marketing activities on a VPS.

Can I upgrade my VPS resources if my email marketing needs grow?

Most providers offer scalable VPS plans, allowing you to easily upgrade your resources as your email marketing requirements expand.


In conclusion, the choice of a VPS with open port 25 plays a pivotal role in the success of your email marketing campaigns.

Each hosting provider reviewed – RackNerd, Hostinger, Hostwinds, Contabo, AlexHost, and KnownHost – brings its unique set of features to the table. Consider your specific needs, budget, and technical requirements when selecting the ideal VPS for your email marketing endeavors.

Among these VPS providers, I’ve used RackNerd, Hostwinds, Contabo, and Hostinger to setup email servers for my clients that can send cold emails. So far, I haven’t encountered problems using these providers in cold email marketing.

Lastly, take good care of your server. Monitor your IP’s reputation and please DO NOT spam 🚫.


  1. Forget Hostwinds in 2024

    i asked twice before order if i can use port 25. support told me yes.

    the i ordered, installed cyberpanel and got the massage, that my provider blocked port 25!

    after opened a ticket to ask whats wrong, Hostwinds Abuse Department answered me:

    Your account service signup/activities were detected as suspicious by our system. To protect the IP reputation of our network and as a proactive measure to prevent our IP space from being used to distribute unsolicited e-mail(s), Hostwinds reserves the right to apply an SMTP filter as a precaution to accounts flagged by our Abuse Team. Due to this, the SMTP port on your servers has been disabled through a filter placed on your account. This prevents further emails from being sent out from your server.
    We cannot remove the current restrictions that are applied to your account.
    As of now, you will need to submit a request after 90 days have passed since the infraction for the consideration of this removal.

    Ridiculous, sorry….absolutely not recommended

    1. Sorry to hear that. They also told me they open their port 25. Is your domain new and have you installed CyberPanel email server? Did you send email messages after installing?

  2. Hi really loved your content. It’s very comprehensive and beginner-friendly. I was wondering if you are open to reviewing a new VPS provider?

    I found this quite cheap VPS provider with good specs but I am contemplating migrating to this.


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